SA SchoolNetwork NPC

SchoolNetwork is an education technology service provider and curriculum distributer supporting education industry stakeholders in various districts of South Africa, Africa and the United Kingdom.

Operating as a registered Non Profit Company (NPC) and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) enables us to access discounted platforms.  We pass on these low operating costs to our customers as affordable products and services. This makes SA SchoolNetwork sustainable and enables an excellent Return On Investment (ROI) in an extremely dynamic and agile industry.

SchoolNetwork excels at implementing innovative technology solutions that enable schools, tutor centres and other stakeholders in education to reach for and connect with those who were previously beyond their grasp.

Our services include;

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Training & Support

Platforms & Solutions

Curriculum & Equipment

Research Project

Lessons Learned from implementing a Coding and Robotics curriculum in Public Schools in South Africa

A survey of teachers, principals and parents of students who are learning to code and/or control robots.

Google Education

Microsoft Education

Introducing the solution that provides seamless integration from both Microsoft and Google Education...